From vision to experience

Lumine Projections stages projections holistically, from the idea to the technical realisation. For this purpose, concepts are developed, storyboards created and the necessary technology planned. Using 2D and 3D animations and a special sound production, buildings and rooms of all sizes are transformed individually with large-format panorama projections and 3D video mappings.

From the opera to the television tower

Lumine Projections specialises in 3D video mapping and large-screen projections in Vienna, Austria as well as internationally. A large number of historical and modern buildings were already provided with projections. These include the Zurich Opera, the Berlin TV Tower, the Parliament in Bern, the MQ Vienna, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, the Hofburg Innsbruck and numerous other buildings around the world. Long-term partners and clients are the MuseumsQuartier, the Albertina, the Kunstforum Wien and the Leopold Museum in Vienna.

Lumine Projections is regularly represented internationally at numerous light art festivals. These include participation in the "Festival of Lights" in Berlin and Jerusalem, as well as various festivals in the Netherlands and Denmark.

With its headquarters in Q21, Lumine is one of the cultural institutions of MQ Vienna. Since 2020, Lumine has also given international artists the opportunity to be invited to Vienna to carry out projects together on site.

Awards received

In 2022, Lumine Projections won the Grand Prix for the best international video mapping at the Video-Mapping Festival in Lille for the 3D mapping projection show re:flexion, which was realised at the MuseumsQuartier Vienna.

A selection of the awards that Lumine has received directly or with partners:
- Grand Prix Video Mapping Award - Lille 2022
- CCA Venus Award 2022
- ADC*Europe - Barcelona 2022
- VAMP Award 2023
- Event Award 2017, 2020
- European Newspaper Award 2023

Lumine Award

Since 2024, Lumine has been supporting Austria's first VR and AR award for female artists in cooperation with Tricky Women/Tricky Realities. Lumine sponsors the prize money for the winner of this competition and thus promotes artists who deal with the technology of virtual reality and augmented reality in an artistic way.


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