Lumine Projections supports selected artists and cultural professionals. Innovative projection solutions for film, theatre and exhibition ideas are implemented in collaboration.


André Heller

Reflektor - Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

On the occasion of the music and culture festival curated by André Heller, the Elbphilharmonie commissioned Lumine to develop a projection layout and to create a technical concept for the projection on the north façade, with various words based on André Heller's specifications greeting visitors during the culture week from 16 to 24 March 2024.

Link: "Reflektor André Heller"

Xenia Hausner

Reflektor - Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

As part of the "Reflektor André Heller" music and culture festival, the Elbphilharmonie commissioned Lumine with the conceptual planning and realisation of projections for the artist Xenia Hausner. Several selected works of art by the Austrian painter were adapted to the architecture of the foyer using high-resolution 4K projectors.

Link: "Fremde in einer stereotypen Welt"

Ruth Beckermann

Multichannel Installation - Salzburger Festspiele

Lumine conceived and realised the technical implementation of the projections of Ruth Beckermann's video installation "Joyful Joyce" at the 2019 Salzburg Festival. The film installation focused on James Joyce, who spent several weeks in Salzburg in 1928. A thunderstorm scenario was projected onto a wall and the floor in the Baroque Museum in Mirabell Gardens and combined with a multi-channel audio installation.

Link: "Joyful Joyce"

Ruth Beckermann

The Missing Image - Albertinaplatz 

Lumine supported the technical realisation of Ruth Beckermann's video installation, which refers to the bronze figure of a bearded man with a paintbrush in his hand, depicting the street-washing Jews during the pogrom after the Anschluss in March 1938. Ruth Beckermann adds the missing images of the laughing onlookers to this figure.

Link: "The Missing Image"

Otto Bell

The Badass LIbrarians of Timbuktu - Marokko

For the documentary "The Badass Librarian of Timbuktu", Lumine supported Otto Bell's film production with landscape and architectural projections in North Africa. The release date is yet to be announced.

Link: "The Badass Librarians of Timbuktu"

Dietrich - Untertrifaller

Ottakringer Brauerei - Wien

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Vienna studio of architects of Dietrich - Untertrifaller, visual content was created by German communication designer Andreas Uebele and staged by Lumine as a 270-degree projection in the Ottakringer brewery.

Link: "DTFLR"
Link: "büro uebele"

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau

ANTopolis - MQ Wien

For the interactive art installation ANTopolis by Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau on the Leopold Museum, Lumine supported the technical realisation of the façade projection and the video mapping adaptation.

Link: "ANTopolis"

Hermann Nitsch (1938 - 2022)

Nitsch Museum - Mistelbach

On the occasion of Hermann Nitsch's 75th birthday in 2013, Lumine honoured his life's work with a large-scale panoramic projection. The light installation shows excerpts from his artwork "The Blood Organ" from 1962. The 360° projection staging covered the entire area of the Nitsch Museum and was part of a comprehensive retrospective of the artist's work.

Link: "Sinne und Sein"